Install Informix DB in Ubuntu/Linux

When installing Informix DB in an Ubuntu/Linux environment there are 2 ways of doing it. The GUI version and the command line version (when installing in remote servers), we will be looking at both options to get a clear idea on how to install the database.

First download the archive through “” (Need to create an IBM acount). We will be using the developer version to avoid licencing for now. After downloading extract the distribution to start the install.

tar xf iif.11.50.FC9DE.linux-x86_64.tar

Installing the database

After extracting the distribution we start the installation;

sudo ./ids_install

This will prompt the feature to launch the GUI or continue in the command line. For this tutorial We will go with the GUI. When you eventually run the installer the terminal will show;

Do you want to run installer in GUI mode [y/n] :n

By selecting “y” you will go onto the GUI installer as follows;



Follow the installer while it creates a new user and setup the database with its default configurations; But, when on the non GUI mode (command line mode) following the installer will get the installation done and dusted. The trouble shooting of the setup is the tricky part.

Troubleshooting the setup process

One of the issues the installation might face is the missing dependencies. While running the installation process you might encounter the following issue;

One or more prerequisite system libraries are not installed on your computer. Install,,,,,,, and then restart the IBM Informix installation program.

How to resolve this? update the server and install build-essential

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo apt-get install build-essential

After this step if there are still issues with dependencies there might be an issue with the path of the dependencies; Check the {INFORMIX}/SERVER/Platform.prq where all the paths of the dependencies are mentioned. check the dependencies that are missing and check if the path is correct and correct it.


The “{INFORMIX}/SERVER/Platform.prq” refers path as;


but, the correct path is


Edit the file to the correct path and the installation will proceed.

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